Everything falls apart. Us, the structures we build, the world we live in. Decay and decomposition is one of the most natural states of being. Everything is born, and then slowly decomposes into the Earth until it is nothing more. It is a frightening concept to think about, but there is beauty to be found in this. The goal of this series is to study the intimacy of the human body with death and decay. To do so, I have modeled the human body in its most natural and honest state: nude. These bodies are posed in structures built by humans, which have been forgotten and left to decompose and are now in various states of decay. Showing the human body in structures of the like is meant to symbolize that everything in this world, including our bodies, decompose with time.

          The juxtaposition of a young, youthful body with an old, decrepit building symbolizes the natural cycle of life and death. Inspired by Bill Brandt’s nude photographs, this series focuses on the human form, as opposed to the sexualized aspects of the body. I aimed to capture the shapes the humans body takes in its most natural state, shrouded in decay. In some cases, it becomes unclear whether or not it is actually a human being you are looking at. Abstracting the human body embodies the abstract yet completely natural concept of death. Everything falls apart, but even in decomposition, the beauty of life shines through.